Fall Gratitude Journal

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Fall Gratitude Journal

Wouldn't it be nice to feel calm with minimal effort? Or be able to focus on the things that are actually important in your life? Or even get some sleep without waking up in a cold sweat with your to-do list playing in your head?

This gratitude journal turned my life around. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but by taking less than five minutes a day to think about the things that truly make you happy, you'll have a more positive outlook, your stress will subside, and you'll feel more in control of the things you can change (and maybe even get clarity on the things you can't).

Especially during the stressful holiday season, having a daily gratitude practice can make all the difference.

With five minutes before bed or even taking two seconds while you brush your teeth, you can feel calmer this season.

Use this journal to track your thoughts.

There's a place to track your "three things" for each day, pretty coloring pages, and notes pages to use as you brain dump your stress and think happy thoughts each day.

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